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Early Career in Vancouver, Canada:

  • Was a Props pixie and Stage Manager in the burgeoning Theater scene.
  • Became the first ever female set decorator ever on staff at The Canadian Broadcasting         


  • Was a key Set Decorator in the film business.

The move to Los Angeles:

  • Followed my interest in Interior Design and design history, and completed the Interior 

          Architecture program at UCLA Extension.  

  • Worked primarily in retail design, creating a space for a contemporary jewelry designer 

          on chic Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, and had an on-going relationship with 

          Harley Davidson, working on a flagship store, and creating merchandising fixtures.  

  • Did several residential renovations in Canada and the USA.

How I became interested in Professional Organizing:

  • I moved my parents out of their home of 53 years into a light-filled contemporary condo.  They were not minimalists, to put it lightly.   Dad’s work bench was an archeological dig, and Mum still had every greeting card she had ever received.  It was a challenge, but I discovered a passion for Organizing.

     This is what I did for them:

  • Helped them through the process of letting go of what was not necessary, and defining those things that were important to keep in their new home.
  • Packed and coordinated the physical move.
  • Created a detailed Space Plan of the new home, so the movers could unload efficiently.
  • Unpacked and decorated the new space so that it was familiar, honoring my mother's design choices.  
  • When it became necessary to downsize once again, and I cleaned out and staged the condo for sale, and moved my mother into a single room in a Care Home, where I was able to distill the essence of her home into a much smaller space.  She is happy and fulfilled, and it is my whole-hearted desire to do the same for new clients.

Why I joined The National Association of Professional Organizers:

  • NAPO provides a strong backbone of support and networking for Professional Organizers, including on-going education.  I have recently joined the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Chapter, as I value the commitment to excellence and community that NAPO offers.  ​
  • NAPO Code of Ethics