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The Classic Sort and De-Clutter:

  • Closet, room, garage or whole house, I work with you to sort it, assess it, keep it, or dispose of it.  Recycling and hauling references are available.

Organizing and Placing:

  • Once it comes apart, I will help you put it back together.  We will find solutions to make your space work more efficiently, and build functional storage systems.  I can help you to curate and display prized possessions which tell your story.  You don't have to completely let go of the past, but you can select those pieces to honor.  

Space Planning:

  • Do you want a fresh approach?  I can look at options to improve the flow of your space.  If you want new furniture pieces, I can help you to understand what sizes and styles will work for your space.  

Re-Locations and Moves:

  • Whether you are moving yourself or an elderly loved-one, it can be overwhelming.  I can help you to get from here to there.  Setting up in the new space is my specialty, either to echo what you had before or try something completely different. 


  • If you are selling your home, and do not wish to stage it with costly rental items, I will streamline, de-clutter, and use your own possessions to make your place appealing to a wide range of buyers


  • I am passionate about preserving treasured moments to tell your story.  Be it boxes of old photos, or masses of digital images, I can help put treasured family photos into a cohesive order, put together a collage of images, or document that fabulous vacation.  I am also keenly interested in genealogy, and can help you organize your visual family tree.

Paper and Information Organizing:

  • Do you have a lurking pile of papers?  I will dive in and get you on the right path to information management.  Inventories?  I will document and cross-reference your items into a tidy package.  

Professional Organizing and Space Planning Services

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Making Space Work